Gospel & Gaming is a ministry dedicated to sharing the love of Jesus Christ with gamers all over the world.  We do this because we ourselves are gamers saved by grace, and we want everyone else to know, as we do, that God loves us and that he cares about every aspect of our lives, including our recreation.  

As gamers, we relish the opportunity to share our passion for gaming with others.  We love playing all kinds of games, and we are always eager to learn about what all of you are interested in!  No matter what you play (FPS, RPG, MOBA, MMO, etc.) or where you play it (on your PC, on your console, on your phone, or around the table), we want to know about it and gain new experiences in this exciting and ever-changing realm of entertainment.

As Christians, we are thrilled and honored to be called by God to spread his Gospel with our fellow gamers.  We love the chance to sit down with others to share a meal, talk about our lives and what we believe, and be witnesses of Christ's love through our word and deed.  We meet people right where they are - in their joys and sorrows, their passions and struggles - because that's where Jesus meets us, walking alongside us and sharing in all the ups and downs of our day-to-day lives.

Gospel & Gaming’s Statement of Faith

(To be adhered to by all members of Gospel & Gaming as staff)


God made it good. 

We broke it bad. 

Jesus came to fix it. 

Jesus is returning and making Everything New.

The above is really helpful for remembering, sharing, and holding onto the faith that has been passed down for generations through God's Word and God's people. For a bit more expansion on the above, see the following:

1. We believe in the creator God that made all things in the beginning.
2. We believe that God's work in making the universe was good.
3. We believe that humanity broke creation by rebelling against God's goodness.
4. We believe that the Son of God, Jesus the Christ, is both fully human, and fully God.
5. We believe that Jesus voluntarily took responsibility for humanity's mistakes in his death on the cross.
6. We believe that this same Jesus rose from the dead 3 days after his crucifixion.
7. We believe that Jesus offers eternal life to all who find their hope in him.
8. We believe that this same Jesus is King of the universe and will return for the final triumph.
9. We believe that God spoke through individuals in time & space to reveal his glory that the Christian life is to be lived for the glory of this King.
10. We believe that every Christian is called and equipped by the Spirit of God to contribute to the Kingdom through their individual gifts, talents, story, and strengths.
11. We believe the only place to experience eternal security and live life fully as humans is in the Kingdom of Jesus.

Our slogan: "Equipping the Church, Empowering Gamers"

Our Mission Statement: Gospel & Gaming Exists to share the love of Christ globally through recreational ministry.